Saturday, May 2, 2015

Another WoW factor with my Silver Bullet Cutter

Did you know Silver Bullet is now having weekly Webinars?   They are free, interesting and informative.  Go to their Silver Bullet CuttersFacebook page and sign up.  

While I was watching the Webinar Thursday night, I realized I haven't tried to test a few features on my Silver Bullet Cutter.  So, I decided to test cut intricate cuts and see how small my machine could cut them.  

I started with my Flag Doily Set as it is intricate and has a doily.  I cut the top piece ( flag outline) using foiled cardstock. (#65 wgt.)  I cut using a setting of 550 for speed and 71 for force.  I test cut these with a 60 degree detail blade and a 45 degree detail blade.  Very little difference in the cuts but maybe, just maybe, the 45 degree cuts looked cleaner to me.    


I needed to make these pictures black and white as I couldn't get good pictures due to the red foil.  I have to admit, I was shocked my Silver Bullet cut the stars so nicely at 1 inch in size!  

        Notice the flag doily on right (below) and the completed size is around 1.25 inches.

Now, I am really wondering how small I can go with the doily. 


I have never cut a half inch doily before and I am not sure if even an 1 inch.  I did get it smaller but I can't get my pictures to show all of the eyelet holes.  (below) 

I have 5 electronic cutters and this is the first time I have ever been able to cut a doily this small.  Look how consistent my eyelets are cut. 

I then tried another file which has detail cuts and when done; shocked and Wow factor again. 

Sizes in red

Notice the .75 & .50 inch fish are perfect!   

So get familiar with your machine and don't hesitate to push it to the limit.  Share your discoveries and results with Silver Bullet Facebook page or the Silver Bullet forum.  Have questions?  You can get answers at either site. 

For the record, I am not affiliated with Silver Bullet in any way.  I am just a very happy customer sharing my thoughts etc.

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Judy Tesla Stark 

Teacher Appreciation Week 2015


May 04 - 08th is Teacher Appreciation Week and you still have time to make something for that special Teacher.  

My daughter Kimberly made this poster for her son's Teacher.  She took pictures of the students and had each child write why they appreciate their Teacher.

I cut the title letters 3 " tall and made some mustaches for her project .  ( my 5 minutes of time )  What a great idea to honor your Teacher !!   

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                                         Judy Tesla Stark