Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Blossoms Lantern w/top

As shown in earlier post below, making this design by svgcuts "Spring Blossoms"  is quick to make and you can alter it easily enough as I did above.  The original design is about 8 inches tall and no removable top.   I wanted a larger one with a removable top and was not disappointed when completed!  My lantern is 11.50 inches tall and I used the cherry tree with blossoms on the front.   I love using potpourri in my home and will add it to this lantern.  Great Mother's Day gift!!

Since I am using a flame-less 6 inch candle, I could add potpourri around the base.  I cut this using my Silver Bullet machine and a 45 degree detail blade.  Paper used is 65 weight.  I added pearls (faux) to top and rhinestones to the cherry blossoms and top of hanging lantern. 

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Judy Tesla-Stark

Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Blossoms Lattice Lantern

 Spring Blossoms Lantern

 Living in Florida and loving the weather forecast for this weekend; the low 90's.  
 POOL TIME. And what could be more perfect for the patio tables than this new design by svgcuts.  

 I added the hanging lantern and below is a picture of the pattern I made.  Feel free to use it.

Using scissors:  Cut a rectangle 2-3 inches width and 1.5 - 2.5 in length.  Whatever size you need.  Fold in half and be sure you made a good crease for your fold.  Take a pair of scissors and cut at the folded crease/fold line but not to the edge of your rectangle.  Glue the edges together and then carefully apply pressure to the top and bottom of lantern to get the pushed out look.  Add  a ribbon or twine to top and your done.  VERY EASY!

I added a battery power tea-light inside my lantern but you could also add potpourri.
   Or both? 

Hoping everyone has a great weekend and thank you for stopping by my Blog!

Judy Tesla Stark

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Card & Hat Box

Birthday gifts and ideas get a little harder when that child is now an adult.  I liked this card file from svgcuts and decided to make it using a modern color palette.

All I needed to add to my card were some rhinestones.  Very easy card to make!  

One thing I enjoy doing is re-purposing an item.  You can find these laminated wood boxes all over in local stores or garage sales.  I have made many cardstock hat boxes but for the same price, I can buy a wooden one and decorate.  And it will last longer. :) 

First, I measured the width across of the box top.  I drew a circle that size within my software and cut it out.  I also drew a 11 inch rectangle in length, 1 inch in width and cut for my ribbon.  I used faux pearls with my ribbon.  Paper used is Graphic 45 Couture.

I covered the top of the box using a glue gun as our humidity in Florida is pretty high.  Be careful not to use a lot of hot glue as you will have chunks of glue when dried.  I use small amounts at a time and smooth flat before it dries. 

Judy Tesla Stark

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Puppy Belly Box

 The Easter Bunny treats are gone now and it is time to move to Spring & Summer projects!  I made the above box using a file from "My ScrapChick."  This file was super easy and no adjustments needed.  GREAT file!  Name of file is  Dog Trio. 

  I used .022 chipboard first and cut the the puppy pieces, box and hands.  I then cut the same pattern pieces in card-stock and glued to the chipboard pieces. My Silver Bullet cuts this light
weight chipboard like it does card stock: like butter!!  I assembled the main chipboard pieces using my glue gun. I want this box to be sturdy and last longer than what it would using the card-stock only.

                                 Perfect for gift-giving or putting dog treats into the box belly. 

Total completion time is under 30 minutes!!  Thank you for stopping by and have a great week.

Judy Tesla Stark

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Bunnies and Chicks by Judy

Happy Easter 2015 !!!

  I have decided to take a break from designing files for awhile and cut out some of the fabulous files available online.  Among my favorite places are Svgcuts, My Scrapchick , PPbN by Nikki and long time fan of Kristi W, files.   If you haven't visited my store site lately:  Scrapcuts by Judy and more files at  Check these sites out!  

I LOVED making the Bunny Hatbox by ScrapChick.   I made these to give to my great neighbors for an Easter surprise filled with candy.  This file was super easy, fast and today is on sale for ONE DOLLAR!  Bird file included.  These are boxes.  ( Hat can be removed)

Another quick to make file from My ScrapChick.  Don't you like the carrot feet for this bunny belly box? 

Another Svgcuts file which you can also fill with treats!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my Blog today.  Thank you for stopping by and leave a comment if you have time.

Judy Tesla Stark

Scrapcuts by Judy   

Happy 6th Birthday Presley

One of the sweetest and loving grand-daughters one could wish for.  She came into this world six years ago, and had a rough start from day hasn't been the easiest road, but the good definitely outweighs the hard times. 

Since I am still on a roll making some of the designs from SVGCUTS, I decided to tackle the  Carousel Ride SVG Kit.  My finished product is an estimated 11 inches by 11 inches.
 I used October Afternoon's Cake Walk paper. You will do better using heavier weight papers and at least 65# weight.  I believe my last count of papers used was 30 sheets! 

 I swear I heard my Silver Bullet machine scream, "REALLY JUDY?"  :)  

The finished Carousel is sturdy enough to survive future parties. Below is the co-ordinating gift bag 

My personal rating for this kit is 5 stars! Worth every minute it took to make it. 

The gift bag was quick and very easy to do!  

Time to get Easter projects going!  12 more days....

Judy Tesla-Stark

Happy 18th months anniversary with my SILVER BULLET !

Canoe with box.  Great gift for the man in your life!

 I decided to make some of the 3D kits by Svgcuts.   Of course, my Silver Bullet cut all of the intricate pieces easily.

 Happy 18th months anniversary to my SILVER BULLET machine!  18 months of ownership, extensive use and my Silver Bullet has not let me down one time!!  I just don't know what else I would want added to this machine and that speaks volumes!  SureCutsAlot  has recently released a Version 4 for their software.  I am so impressed with all of the extra features added to the software.  

 First one above is the canoe on a box and the second one is the camper on the box.  I am nearing another milestone birthday next month and for some reason; owning a motor-home is very appealing to me.  I have traveled often in my life but realize I haven't seen all of my home state of Florida.  My husband is hoping this "new idea" of mine will quickly pass. :) 

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Judy Tesla Stark

Plays , Purses & Presley


Picture above is my daughter Kimberly with my Grand-children Cash & Presley.  They had just attended a play at a local theater.

3 days earlier: 

The kids came to visit for a few hours and Presley is excited she is going to see the play, "Wizard of Oz."  Miss Presley is all about "Accessorizing" her outfits.  While visiting, she tells me she wished she had a new purse and could I make her one.  SO honored she wanted her Grandma to make it and jumped right on it.  She sweetly reminds me she needs extra glitz!  Below are pictures of her new purses I made.

Did you notice in the family photo above, NO PURSE!  She forgot it!
I believe these are svgcuts designer purse collection design.  This is exactly why I design and scrapbook! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I will be adding more files this week on my store site on Etsy . 

Judy Tesla Stark

Holiday Cutting and Hello to 2015

Belated New Year wishes!  No New Year resolutions for me in 2015, as I plan to enjoy each moment that comes my way.  

  Above is a new file I designed, " Holiday in a Box Card."  Very easy to put together.  I did a lot of projects through the holidays this year.  Pictures below.  Most of these are designed by svgcuts and I really enjoyed making these.  

I made these svgcuts gift boxes for nearly pennies.  My husband is one of those weekend garage sales guy and purchased about 3 dozen ornaments for 1 dollar!!!!  

So I added vinyl and/or rhinestones/glitter to dress them up and they were good to go. 

My husband Pete collects costume jewelry for me all year and if you look carefully at the rosette, you will see the Christmas pin I added.

So get out your holiday costume jewelry and re-purpose it!! 

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Judy Tesla Stark