Wednesday, March 23, 2016

EASTER Card in Box

                                       Easter Card in Box NOW AVAILABLE!  

This was such a fun card to design and make!  Easy to put it together. 

I used American Craft paper for this file and recommend at least 65# weight and 80# is better yet. After 10 years of using only Scotch quick dry glue, I have changed my glue and love it.  Dries quicker and thicker.  Easy cleanup and the price is less.  I have switched to PH Neutral PVA.  Black and white tag and I buy the 4 oz for $7 on Amazon.
    Lineco product.  Not sure if Scotch changed the formula but it seemed thinner and not drying as quick.  Of course ,it could have been a bad bottle or just in my mind but a few other crafter's stated the same thing.  SO?? 

Here are 2 more pictures of the new Easter Card in Box.  thank you for stopping by my blog!  Have a great week.

Judy Tesla Stark